Thursday, 8 June 2017

Did you see any coverage of Dilli Chalo movement of Indian Medical Association in Print media?

Did you see any coverage of Dilli Chalo movement of Indian Medical Association in Print media? Almost  non.
Media coverage has been dismal.


1. 10000 people in a rally at Rajghat but no traffic Jam to report
2. All hospitals closed their OPDs but ambulance chasers couldn't find any death to report as emergency services were running and most of the government hospitals just observed one hour symbolic pen down strike.

3. It was such a huge gathering of angry & disappointed doctors but no burning of buses, no road blockades, no violence 

So you understand what this fourth pillar of democracy needs to give you a voice, media needs anarchy and violence to give you voice.

They need sensationalism, they will always love to show you as villain. Media doesn't need heroes.

Dear friends, we ensured that our agitation should cause minimum inconvenience to public but still our voice should be heard & represented.

We have list of our grievances, which is becoming longer everyday. Hope wisdom will prevail in highest corridors of powers and government will take proactive steps to resolve our justified grievances. Media has always failed this democracy and hence we can expect least from them.

IMA has given government time till 18th August to resolve issues. If government fails, that will be last nail in the coffin of medical profession.
This profession will lose all reasons to serve this nation.
You can not expect us to continue to work in insecure work place, under threat of violence, you never want to be labeled as a criminal for results beyond your humanly controls and for clerical errors, you cannot continue to be made scapegoats for failures of governance & government.

We are among the brightest brains and can easily switch profession as we are no punching bags and opted this profession for a dignified life.

Here is brief summary of our Satyagrah on 6th June, which media failed to report due to lack of any sensational news.

On 6th June doctors protested against unfair treatment with them , all over country. It was a massive buildup. 10000 doctors across country physically attended the protest march & gathering under banner of Indian Medical association at Rajghat and Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. Around 45,000 attended webcast & were directly connected. Around 65000 doctors signed petition according to official statistics of IMA.

Doctors all over country kept their OPDs closed between 8 am to 2 PM. Others participated by pen down strike between 10 am to 11 am on 6th June . It was unprecedented.

IMA has decided that it and its membership will be forced to take extreme steps of stopping to work, if government doesn't listen to our *Justified Demands*. No one can continue to work under fear & threats. Let government fulfil its slogan of *Sabka Sarath Sabka Vikas*

After 18th August, it is squarely responsibility of our government, public & intelligentsia, if medical profession refuse to work under prevailing situations & circumstances.

From the Facebook page of Dr.Kinshuk Biswas, an Eye Specialist in Delhi NCR: