Friday, 24 March 2017

I am a doctor in India !

I am a doctor in India ! 

1. I am likely to acquire tuberculosis (TB) . My chance of getting it is 10 to 12 times higher as compared to an average Indian citizen who is not working in healthcare ! 

2. I have risk of acquiring HIV Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B several times higher than a non medical person ! 

3. My average life expectancy is 10 years less than average Indian citizen! This is because of sheer stress I have to go through in just carrying on with my daily medical duties !

4. In Europe / America doctors are not allowed to work beyond 42 hours in a week ! I have worked at least 70 hours a week ( just at 12 hours daily ) for most of my life ! 

5. As an Indian doctor I sacrificed my youth working hard for the community! My marriage ,my family ,my relatives my friends always got second priority after my patients! 

6. Forget vacations, I mostly could not afford weekends offs during first two decades of doctor life ! 

7. 50 percent of doctors less than 50 years in my hospital have had a heart attack !

Now do you think I need to be worried about being assaulted by some third rate goons just because someone unfortunately died under my care ? 

If you don't care for my safety who will care for you when you need it the most! 

All I am asking for is a safety net against violence ! If I am negligent please go ahead and prove it ! I shall take all the blame and be ready to be behind bars ! 

Americans doctors today talk to their patients in legal language! The bond of faith and trust is gone and everybody is ready to sue ! 
We are worse than Americans ! We already have a verdict against a doctor ready and even the punishment is ready ! 

Even an Army Jawan on battlefield may feel safer than me ! At least he knows his enemy ! 

Am I finally you friend , philosopher, guide ? Servant at least ?Never wanted the GOD status ever at all ! 
But surely I was never your enemy and will never be from my side ! 

Just introspect and decide ! 

Yours sincerely 
An average Indian Doctor !