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Thursday, 30 March 2017

We live in a country ...........

We live in a country where u can easily have services of a qualified doctor at midnight in 300 Rs but u cant hv services of a plumber or electrician at night for same amount.
We live in a country where a hospital is ransacked if one seriously ill patient dies unexpectedly but nothing happens when thousands die because of hunger,poverty and malnutrition every year.
We live in a country where patients are in extreme hurry while in a hospital but their patience is unmatched when they r
in a court of law where their cases linger for generations.
We live in a country where doctors are called lootera and cheaters when they ask even for a reasonable fee but corrupt Beurocrats and politicians are treated as celebrities despite siphoning off millions of tax payers hard earned money.
We live in a country where people generously spend lacs in celebrating birth of a male child but feel cheated while paying 4-5 thousand to the hospital that conducted safe delivery of the same child.
We live in a country where no hotel will offer u its airconditioned room in Rs.1500 for one whole day but many hospitals will offer u a bed in its airconditioned ICU with medicines,investigations,nursing care and a doctor whom u can thrash in case something goes wrong in 1500 rs.(Thanks to schemes like RSBY).
We live in a country where a mob disappears in minutes when they are requested to donate blood for their loved ones but they appear in mili seconds when their beloved patient dies in the hospital to abuse/beat the staff.
Thanks Dr Atul

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