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Monday, 6 March 2017

Now MCI Plans Unique ID Number For Doctors


The Medical Council of India (MCI) is planning to give unique identification numbers to all doctors in India, according to president of MCI.

“This is the only way to know how many doctors we have in the country. We can easily track doctors if they move from one State to another,” president said on Friday.

When the MCI was started, there were 22 medical colleges. There were 460 medical colleges now, she said, adding that 500 doctors passed out a year when the MCI was established, while 63,985 doctors were produced every year now. “This will be beneficial to all as we will have records of all doctors and their practice. We can identify a doctor by the unique identification number,” she added.

The president said the MCI had come up with the Digital Mission Mode Project under which they would monitor faculty members of every medical college.

“This will be implemented in 100 colleges by April. Colleges that fail to implement the project or do not take care to continue the implementation will face punishment,” she later told reporters.

Expressing concern over how the practice of medicine had changed, she said, “In the last two years, we have received 481 complaints and 235 appeals on medical negligence and professional misconduct. Of this, nearly 130 complaints pertain to faculty of various medical colleges submitting fake documents.”

She said that the MCI has undertaken an enormous exercise to convert undergraduate and post graduate curriculum into competency-based curriculum.

Source : The Hindu

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