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Monday, 20 August 2012



The combination of fixed & constrained body postures, work overload & unsuitable workstations can lead to health prblms like aches & pain in shoulders, forearm, wrist, hand, back, neck. Other symptoms include headache, blurred vision, dry/ irritated eyes, double vision, light sensitivity, etc.

*A GOOD CHAIR: Feet should rest on floor. Angle should be of 90 degrees at knee. Arm rest is desirable. Back must support the area from upper ridge of pelvis to shoulder blades. Curve in the back rest must support the hollow in the lower back.
*LIGHTING: Required illumination on working surface. Lower level illuminance for general areas.

1. Monitor should be more than 5 inches from the eyes.
2. Work with fonts of darker shades on light background.
3. Attach an anti-glare screen in front of monitor.
4. Use suspended lights from ceiling & windows with curtains to avoid light hitting directly on eyes.
5. Contact lens users need to lubricate their eyes frequently.
6. 20-20-20 rule: Take short breaks for ur eyes every 20 minutes between ur work for 20 seconds & look 20 feet away.
7. Give proper rest to the eyes. Close ur eyes for 20 seconds at least every half an hour.
Working at computers is not harmful to eyes, but make sure that proper care should be given & u should examine ur eyes at least once a year...!!!

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