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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

small small kindness makes you real big..(13212)

small small kindness makes you real big

A couple of days ago I was in at the hair salon I usually go to. All the hair stylists were busy running around to serve their customers as usual. I had my appointment so didn't have any issues with service. The reason I go there is because I like the staff.
A little later while I was still there, I realized other stylists were done with their customers and just getting relaxed a little. Then I heard them talking highly about one of their colleagues who was on leave that day. They all seemed to miss her that day. I got curious and asked my stylist about this person. As my stylist started to tell me about this lady, a couple of customers sitting around me also joined the conversation in the praise of this lady.
Apparently, she is the first person to be the at salon in the morning. She made coffee for everyone. She helps others clean their stuff whenever she could while everyone knows, she doesn't have to. She makes customers of other stylists feel comfortable while they waited for their turn. Overall, this lady knows the secret to become the person of influence and does that little bit extra that most others wouldn't do.
No wonder she has so many well wishers around her. She is what Bob calls, "A Go-Giver"! I was amazed! 
It doesn't take extra talent, additional degrees to be a leader, a person who is looked up to by others. All it takes is a helping heart with genuine passion to make a positive difference Just by doing little bit extra with a smile can make lots of difference in someone's life today and everyday. These simple acts of kindness go a long way at ever level, in every aspect of our lives.

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